BREXIT and Customs Filing Implications Are You Prepared?

What Now for Manufacturers, Distributors, Importers, Exporters and their Software Solution Providers?

Brexit will return the island of Britain to 1995 from a customs filing perspective
What are the implications of Brexit for your business?

Britain's exit from the European Union carries much uncertainty in logistics, supply chains and the resulting requirements and costs to Manufacturers, Distributors, Importers and Exporters, with recent headlines outlining the industry concerns:

• "'No deal' Brexit would require 5,000 more customs officials" – Financial Times
• "Toyota: no-deal Brexit could halt UK production for 'months'"–AutoCar
• "Mercedes-Benz abandoned plans to move production to UK plant after Brexit vote" - Independent
• "BMW plans to shut Mini plant for a month after Brexit day" – The Guardian
• "Airbus 'in a holding pattern' waiting for the nuts and bolts of Brexit" – The Guardian
• "Nissan warns of the effects of Brexit as car sales plunge 20%" – Money Expert

What are the implications for your business and how can your Software Solution and Service providers help?

This webinar looks at the implications of Brexit for Customs filing for goods into and out of the UK:
• What are the Customs implications for Manufacturer's Supply Chains and Imports?
• What are the Customs implications for Exporters, large and small?
• What did your Customs obligations and supply chains look like before 1995?
• To what extent will those obligations return to pre-1995status?
• For transport logistics and fulfilment companies serving UK and Ireland who never had to worry about customs before now?
• For eCommerce companies selling even small packages out of or into the UK?
• For Software Solution companies in ERP, Financial Accounts, Logistics Management, Warehouse Management
• For Resellers and Implementers of Solutions into the sector
• If Brexit will not affect your business directly, what about your suppliers and customers?

What does your business need to do to be prepared?

ABM Data will host a FREE online interactive webinar
BREXIT and Customs Filing Implications – Are You Prepared?

Hosted by Tony O’Grady,Business Development Director of ABM Data, a WiseTech Global company.
Use the form on this page to register and watch this webinar.

ABM Data provide a Customs eFiling platform providing direct electric customs filing into nine European Countries and growing. ABM partner with software solution providers, enabling a single point integration with existing software solutions to directly submit customs to multiple customs authorities. View the ABM Certifications page for current and planned customs coverage.

What Will You Learn?

• The implications for your business across the different scenarios
• Your legal and business requirements and a timeline to address these
• How to calculate the potential costs and delays to your business
• Different approaches to addressing the challenges
• What you need to be asking of your Software Solution providers
• How Customs eFiling works to minimise the impacts and costs, in partnership with your Software Providers

Who is it suitable for?

Decision makers across Finance, Regulatory, Customs, Operations, and IT
Manufacturers, Distributors, Importers and Exporters
Software Solution Vendor Companies
Resellers and System Integrators into the sector

Tony O'Grady
Business Development Director